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An underwater salvage team, the Tiger Sharks, is commissioned to retrieve a downed spacecraft from a nearby planet Waterro. Waterro is a planet that is over ninety percent water. The planet's inhabitants, the waterians, agree to let the Tiger Sharks salvage the ship and also send a couple of their own citizens, who can breathe on land as well as in the water, to help in the salvage effort. The Tiger Sharks send single member, Lorka, to handle the retrieval. The downed spacecraft's cargo contained X-400, the most deadly and destructive explosive in the universe. While the preliminary prep for the ship and its cargo, a Mantaray ship, commanded by T-Ray, arrives on the planet. Upon his arrival, he frees an old enemy of the waterians, Captain Bazarlie, and his pet Dragon stein. The two had been frozen in the ice a long time ago. T-Ray submerges his ship and finds Lorka and his two waterian. They are all captured, but not before Lorka sent out a distress signal. Once the Tiger Sharks receive the distress signal, they have the ship's computer, SARK, prepare for take off. The Tiger Shark team is made up the commander/leader Maco, Octavia, Walro, Dalph, Angel, Bronk, and a dog Gulp. During launch prep, Walro unveils his new engineering feat, a large water tank between the front underwater loading bay and the cargo hold. Upon diving in the tank and activating it, Walro changes into a half man half walrus. This change will allow the Tiger Sharks to be under water with out bulky scuba gear. Walro informs Maco, in order to return to their natural state they have to go through the tank to change back or be stuck in the alternative state forever. As soon as the Tiger Sharks arrive on Waterro, they attack T-Ray in order to free Lorka and the waterians. T-Ray and his crew are able to fend off the Tiger Sharks and keep their prisoners. As soon as they are away from the Tiger Sharks, the mantaray ship is attacked by Captain Bazarlie. Upon realizing that both he and Captain Bazarlie are on the side, evil, he bargains with Captain Bazarlie to team up with the goal of taking control of the planet.

Genre: Animation

Actor: Earl Hammond, Larry Kenney, Bob McFadden, Peter Newman

Director: n/A

Country: United States

Subtitles: N/A

IMDB: 7.2

Status: DVD

Episodes: Eps 30

Runtime: 12 min

Release: 1987