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The Look of Silence

An Indonesian man with a communist background named Ramli was brutally murdered when the "Communist" purge occurred in 1965. His remaining family members lived in fear and silence until the making of this documentary. Adi, a brother of his, decided t...

Genre: History, Documentary, Biography

Actor: Adi Rukun, MY Basrun, Amir Hasan, Inong, Kemat, Joshua Oppenheimer, Amir Siahaan, Ted Yates

Director: Joshua Oppenheimer

Country: United States, United Kingdom, France, International, Taiwan, Netherlands, Denmark, West Germany, Finland, Israel, Norway

Subtitles: Arabic, Basque, Czech, Danish, English, Farsi/Persian, Finnish, German, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (BR), Russian, Spanish, Turkish

IMDB: 8.3

Status: HD

Runtime: 103 min

Release: 2015