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Eyes of Desire

Lisa is a young and beautiful accomplished photographer in need of a dramatic change in her life while being on the verge of a serious emotional and professional re-evaluation. Unexpectedly, the opportunity will present itself when her dear friend Amy will offer Lisa her secluded hillside mansion as a retreat to re-think old relationships and career, but before long, in the stillness and solitude of the hills, a strange, unprecedented and rather undefined feeling will begin to demand her attention. As Lisa discovers a powerful telescope in Amy's house, human curiosity will shortly yield to an omnipotent sensual stimulation which will inevitably lead to a dangerous, yet intriguing game of desire, lust and voyeurism. But in the end, as the watcher becomes the watched, no one can really say when the taboo turns into obsession. Written by Nick Riganas

IMDB: 5.6

Status: DVD

Runtime: 92 min

Release: 1998