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  • Dead Again HD Dead Again
    Dead Again
    8.6 2021 75 min HD
    In rural village where crime is non existent, a police sergeant is retiring out of boredom. He is sent a young recruit fresh out of police school. On the sergeant's last day and the new recruits first day all hell is about to break loose in this apocalyptic horror film.
    Director:Steven M. Smith
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier HD Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    7.8 2014 136 min HD
    For Steve Rogers, awakening after decades of suspended animation involves more than catching up on pop culture, it also means that this old school idealist must face a world of subtler threats and difficult moral complexities. That becomes clear when Director Nick Fury is killed by the mysterious assassin, the Winter Soldier, but not before warning Rogers that SHIELD has been subverted by its enemies. When Rogers acts on Fury's warning to trust no one there, he is branded as a traitor by the org
    Director:Anthony Russo / Joe Russo
  • Warning Sign HD Warning Sign
    Warning Sign
    6.2 1985 99 min HD
    A woman working as a security guard in an agricultural research facility finds herself and her co-worker Schmidt fighting to survive against their former friends.
    Country:United States
    Director:Hal Barwood
  • Project Almanac HD Project Almanac
    Project Almanac
    6.4 2015 106 min HD
    As a group of friends discover plans for a time machine, they build it and use it to fix their problems and for personal gain. But as their future falls apart with disasters, and they come to realize the irreversible ripple effects caused by their time travels, they must decide to fix this once and for all.
    Director:Dean Israelite
  • Iron Sky: The Coming Race HD Iron Sky: The Coming Race
    Iron Sky: The Coming Race
    5.4 2019 90 min HD
    Twenty years after the events of Iron Sky, the former Nazi Moonbase has become the last refuge of mankind. Earth was devastated by a nuclear war, but buried deep under the wasteland lies a power that could save the last of humanity - or destroy it on...
    Country:Belgium,West Germany,Finland
    Director:Timo Vuorensola
  • Armageddon Tales HD Armageddon Tales
    Armageddon Tales
    0 2021 96 min HD
    Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.
    Director:Alexander Lappöhn / Kaleb Lechowski / Paul Plett
  • Color Out of Space HD Color Out of Space
    Color Out of Space
    6.4 2019 111 min HD
    A story of cosmic terror about The Gardners, a family who moves to a remote farmstead in rural New England to escape the hustle of the 21st century. They are busy adapting to their new life when a meteorite crashes into their front yard. The mysterious aerolite seems to melt into the earth, infecting both the land and the properties of space-time with a strange, otherworldly color. To their horror, the Gardner family discover that this alien force is gradually mutating every life form that it to
    Country:Other / Multiple
    Director:Richard Stanley
  • Avengers: Endgame HD Avengers: Endgame
    Avengers: Endgame
    9.4 2019 181 min HD
    The grave course of events set in motion by Thanos that wiped out half the universe and fractured the Avengers ranks compels the remaining Avengers to take one final stand in Marvel Studios' grand conclusion to twenty-two films, Avengers: Endgame.
    Director:Anthony Russo / Joe Russo
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp HD Ant-Man and the Wasp
    Ant-Man and the Wasp
    7.8 2018 118 min HD
    In the aftermath of 'Captain America: Civil War,' Scott Lang grapples with the consequences of his choices as both a Super Hero and a father. As he struggles to re-balance his home life with his responsibilities as Ant-Man, he's confronted by Hope van Dyne and Dr. Hank Pym with an urgent new mission. Scott must once again put on the suit and learn to fight alongside The Wasp as the team works together to uncover secrets from their past.
    Director:Peyton Reed
  • Captain America: The First Avenger HD Captain America: The First Avenger
    Captain America: The First Avenger
    6.9 2011 124 min HD
    It is 1942, America has entered World War II, and sickly but determined Steve Rogers is frustrated at being rejected yet again for military service. Everything changes when Dr. Erskine recruits him for the secret Project Rebirth. Proving his extraordinary courage, wits and conscience, Rogers undergoes the experiment and his weak body is suddenly enhanced into the maximum human potential. When Dr. Erskine is then immediately assassinated by an agent of Nazi Germany's secret HYDRA research departm
    Director:Joe Johnston
  • Scooby-Doo! Frankencreepy HD Scooby-Doo! Frankencreepy
    Scooby-Doo! Frankencreepy
    6.9 2014 na min HD
    Velma discovers she's inherited her great-great-uncles' cursed castle in Transylvania, Pennsylvania. This Scooby-Doo adventure has enough spooky fun to make the whole family come alive!
    Country:United States
    Director:Paul McEvoy
  • The Valley of Gwangi HD The Valley of Gwangi
    The Valley of Gwangi
    6.3 1969 96 min HD
    Cowboy James Franciscus seeks fame and fortune by capturing an Allosaurus living in the Forbidden Valley and putting it in a Mexican circus. His victim, called the Gwangi, turns out to have an aversion to being shown in public. Another film featuring...
    Country:United States
    Director:Jim O'Connolly
  • Avengers: Infinity War HD Avengers: Infinity War
    Avengers: Infinity War
    9.2 2018 149 min HD
    As the Avengers and their allies have continued to protect the world from threats too large for any one hero to handle, a new danger has emerged from the cosmic shadows: Thanos. A despot of intergalactic infamy, his goal is to collect all six Infinity Stones, artifacts of unimaginable power, and use them to inflict his twisted will on all of reality. Everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment - the fate of Earth and existence itself has never been more uncertain.
    Director:Anthony Russo / Joe Russo
  • Avatar HD Avatar
    7.8 2009 162 min HD
    When his brother is killed in a robbery, paraplegic Marine Jake Sully decides to take his place in a mission on the distant world of Pandora. There he learns of greedy corporate figurehead Parker Selfridge's intentions of driving off the native humanoid "Na'vi" in order to mine for the precious material scattered throughout their rich woodland. In exchange for the spinal surgery that will fix his legs, Jake gathers intel for the cooperating military unit spearheaded by gung-ho Colonel Quaritch,
    Director:James Cameron
  • Life Like HD Life Like
    Life Like
    0 2019 95 min HD
    An idealistic attractive young couple acquires a stunning, life-like robot for guilt free help, but as the three grow closer, their perception of humanity will be altered forever.
    Country:United States
    Director:Josh Janowicz
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron HD Avengers: Age of Ultron
    Avengers: Age of Ultron
    7.4 2015 141 min HD
    Tony Stark creates the Ultron Program to protect the world, but when the peacekeeping program becomes hostile, The Avengers go into action to try and defeat a virtually impossible enemy together. Earth's mightiest heroes must come together once again to protect the world from global extinction.
    Director:Joss Whedon
  • In Time HD In Time
    In Time
    6.7 2011 109 min HD
    Welcome to a world where time has become the ultimate currency. You stop aging at 25, but there's a catch: you're genetically-engineered to live only one more year, unless you can buy your way out of it. The rich "earn" decades at a time (remaining at age 25), becoming essentially immortal, while the rest beg, borrow or steal enough hours to make it through the day. When a man from the wrong side of the tracks is falsely accused of murder, he is forced to go on the run with a beautiful hostage.
    Director:Andrew Niccol
  • The Avengers HD The Avengers
    The Avengers
    8.1 2012 143 min HD
    Nick Fury is the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., an international peace-keeping agency. The agency is a who's who of Marvel Super Heroes, with Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow. When global security is threatened by Loki and his cohorts, Nick Fury and his team will need all their powers to save the world from disaster which is formed by Loki and his team
    Director:Joss Whedon
  • Archive HD Archive
    0 2020 105 min HD
    2038: George Almore is working on a true human-equivalent AI. His latest prototype is almost ready. This sensitive phase is also the riskiest. Especially as he has a goal that must be hidden at all costs: being reunited with his dead wife.
    Director:Gavin Rothery
  • Solitary HD Solitary
    0 2020 89 min HD
    'Solitary' is a contained sci-fi film about a man who wakes up inside a room to discover he's a prisoner sent into space to form Earth's first colony, and worse - his cell mate Alana is hell bent on destroying everything.
    Director:Luke Armstrong
  • Masters of the Universe HD Masters of the Universe
    Masters of the Universe
    5.4 1987 106 min HD
    On the planet Eternia, Skeletor and his dark army overthrow the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull expecting to acquire her power. He-Man, his old friend Duncan "Man-at-Arms" and his daughter Teela are attacked by Skeletor's soldiers and they defeat them. They also rescue their prisoner, the inventor and locksmith Gwildor. He explains that he was lured by Evil-Lyn that used his invention the Cosmic Key to open the gates and seize the Castle Grayskull. He-Man and his friends retrieve the prototype of
    Director:Gary Goddard
  • Enhanced HD Enhanced
    4.6 2019 99 min HD
    A group of mutant outcasts including a young woman with enhanced super strength find themselves being hunted down, one by one by a sinister government organization. But when an even stronger enhanced serial killer emerges on the scene, agents and mutants are forced to question their allegiances.
    Director:James Mark
  • Max Cloud HD Max Cloud
    Max Cloud
    0 2020 n/A HD
    When a video game enthusiast named Sarah is transported into her favorite game, she finds herself on an intergalactic prison, home to the most dangerous villains in the galaxy. The only way to escape the game is to complete it. Teaming up with space hero Max Cloud, Sarah battles the terrifying planet while her best friend, Cowboy, controls the game from her bedroom in Brooklyn.
    Director:Martin Owen
  • Bloodsuckers HD Bloodsuckers
    4.5 2005 99 min HD
    In 2210, mankind has explored the space and found a vampiric menace, declaring war against different breeds of vampires some of them inclusive human flesh cannibals. The V-SAN (aka Vampire Sanitation) spaceship leaded by Captain Churchill receives a ...
    Director:Matthew Hastings
  • Skylines HD Skylines
    5.5 2020 110 min HD
    When a virus threatens to turn the now earth-dwelling friendly alien hybrids against humans, Captain Rose Corley must lead a team of elite mercenaries on a mission to the alien world in order to save what's left of humanity.
    Director:Liam O'Donnell
  • Outpost 11 HD Outpost 11
    Outpost 11
    3.9 2013 90 min HD
    Set in an alternative past where steam power still rules the world, outpost 11 is the story of three soldiers manning a remote listening post in the Arctic Circle. One day the warning light goes off unexpectedly and their world is plunged into chaos....
    Country:United Kingdom
    Director:Anthony Woodley
  • Spider-Man: Far from Home HD Spider-Man: Far from Home
    Spider-Man: Far from Home
    8.3 2019 129 min HD
    Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever.
    Director:Jon Watts
  • Boss Level HD Boss Level
    Boss Level
    0 0000 100 min HD
    A retired special forces officer is trapped in a never ending time loop on the day of his death.
    Director:Joe Carnahan