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  • Clean HD Clean
    5.7 2020 1 hr 33 min HD
    Tormented by his past, a garbage man named Clean attempts a quiet life of redemption. But, soon finds himself forced to reconcile with the violence of his past.
    Director:Paul Solet
  • Fruitcake Fraud HD Fruitcake Fraud
    Fruitcake Fraud
    7.9 2021 1 hr 38 min HD
    Unveils the crime where someone had extorted millions from Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana, Texas, and how people and the FBI are still amazed of how the crime was solved and the lavish lifestyle the culprits were living.
    Director:Celia Aniskovich
  • A Bunch of Bastards HD A Bunch of Bastards
    A Bunch of Bastards
    4.8 2021 1 hr 28 min HD
    Sergio finds himself in jail, when a chance to be free arises. All he has to do is complete a simple task: find something buried in a garden. There's just a little problem: in the garden's house currently lives an innocent family
    Director:Gabriele Albanesi
  • Photocopier HD Photocopier
    8.3 2021 2 hr 10 min HD
    After her drunk selfie circulated online, Sur loses her scholarship as she is accused of bringing disgrace to her faculty. However, Sur has no recollection of the night's events, as she blacks out when attending a college party. Then, Sur seeks for help from her childhood friend, Amin, who also works and lives at the campus as a photocopier, to find out what actually happened that night.
    Director:Wregas Bhanuteja
  • A Shot Through the Wall HD A Shot Through the Wall
    A Shot Through the Wall
    6.5 2021 1 hr 29 min HD
    A Chinese-American police officer's life unravels after he accidentally shoots an innocent Black man. Facing trial, he wades through his guilt as he navigates the complicated worlds of media, justice, racial politics and his own morality.
    Director:Aimee Long
  • Small World HD Small World
    Small World
    5.5 2021 1 hr 56 min HD
    Follows policeman Robert Goc, who becomes engaged in an international investigation to find a girl who was kidnapped by Russian mafia.
    Director:Patryk Vega
  • Pushpa: The Rise - Part 1 HD Pushpa: The Rise - Part 1
    Pushpa: The Rise - Part 1
    8.1 2021 2 hr 55 min HD
    Pushpa a labor works for small sum but dreams of living a life of king size he is always let down by his step brothers for being illegitimate child of their father.He gets chance to work in dense forest of red sanders where red sanders are smuggled to other countries.The labors are always under scanner of DSP Govindappa but Pushpa dares to go against everyone creating hurdles for DSP. Pushpa manages to save a smuggling consignment worth Crore's under the eye of DSP and becomes known to Reddy Bro
  • See for Me HD See for Me
    See for Me
    6.6 2021 1 hr 32 min HD
    When blind former skier Sophie cat-sits in a secluded mansion, three thieves invade for the hidden safe. Sophie's only defense is army veteran Kelly. Kelly helps Sophie defend herself against the invaders and survive.
    Director:Randall Okita
  • The Murder of Gabby Petito: Truth, Lies and Social Media HD The Murder of Gabby Petito: Truth, Lies and Social Media
    The Murder of Gabby Petito: Truth, Lies and Social Media
    6.3 2021 1 hr 25 min HD
    Examines Gabby's life through the curated lens she created and immerses the viewer in the world of social media sleuthing that was crucial to the case.
  • Alex Murdaugh: Death. Deception. Power HD Alex Murdaugh: Death. Deception. Power
    Alex Murdaugh: Death. Deception. Power
    0 2021 1 hr 27 min HD
    Follows the unexpected twists and turns in the life of attorney Alex Murdaugh, discussing facts and insights as the deaths of his Wife and son remain unsolved.
  • Code of Silence HD Code of Silence
    Code of Silence
    5.1 2021 1 hr 37 min HD
    1960s London. Hemlines are up, The Beatles are on the radio and crime is at the highest level on record. Extortion, robbery and murder are rife through the capital. Everyone knows the gangsters responsible, but no one will go on the record. Detective Nipper Read is tasked with the impossible mission of bringing the city back to the rule of law. As he faces bent cops, political backstabbing, and terrified witnesses, he becomes increasingly obsessed with breaking the code of silence. He will push
    Director:Ben Mole
  • Dead Asleep HD Dead Asleep
    Dead Asleep
    6.1 2021 1 hr 26 min HD
    Follows and shares exclusive footage of the case of Randy Herman Jr., a man convicted of a murder he says he committed while sleepwalking in 2017.
    Director:Skye Borgman
  • 137 Shots HD 137 Shots
    137 Shots
    4.8 2021 1 hr 45 min HD
    In this documentary, law enforcement faces scrutiny as Americans demand justice after police violence claims multiple Black lives in Cleveland.
    Director:Michael Milano
  • The Unforgivable HD The Unforgivable
    The Unforgivable
    7.2 2021 HD
    The Unforgivable 2021 Crime / Drama
  • The Slow Hustle HD The Slow Hustle
    The Slow Hustle
    6 2021 1 hr 28 min HD
    After Baltimore Police Detective Sean Suiter is killed in the line of duty, the tragedy soon becomes enmeshed in a widening corruption scandal that threatens to unravel the public's already strained relationship with law enforcement.
    Director:Sonja Sohn
  • Scrapper HD Scrapper
    7.2 2021 1 hr 26 min HD
    Queens, New York City. A criminal playing-field of modern immigrant syndicates: human-trafficking, money-laundering and unflinching brutality. Uncomfortable in his Punjabi-American skin, ex-con turned 'scrapper' Jake carries the weight of both his family legacy and a violent past. Caring for a mentally-challenged older brother and with a young girlfriend and an unborn child on the way, when one last job presents a way out for good, he must decide between loyalty to blood ties or to his newfound
    Director:Bari Kang
  • The Forever Prisoner HD The Forever Prisoner
    The Forever Prisoner
    6.9 2021 1 hr 59 min HD
    Follows the story of Abu Zubaydah, the first high-value detainee subjected to the CIA's program, later identified as torture by those outside the agency.
    Director:Alex Gibney
  • Sooryavanshi HD Sooryavanshi
    6.4 2021 2 hr 23 min HD
    1993 Mumbai as rocked by 14 back to back blasts which changed the image of city forever Kabir Shroff managed to solve the case within two days but feels guilty that master mind Omar Hafeez and Billal eloped from the city.Omar Hafeez over the years planted many attacks in the country and formed a sleeper cell network lead by his son Riyaz Hafeez.Years later Riyaz's fake identity is traced in Jaisalmer where a team lead by DCP Veer Sooryavanshi goes to arrest him with arrest of Riyaz underworld ge
    Director:Rohit Shetty
  • American Sicario HD American Sicario
    American Sicario
    0 2021 1 hr 41 min HD
    An American gangster Erik Vasquez schemes to become the top dog in the Mexican underworld only to find himself making enemies out of both powerful cartels and his own allies even as his marriage to the pregnant Gloria deteriorates before his eyes.
    Director:RJ Collins
  • Bordertown: The Mural Murders HD Bordertown: The Mural Murders
    Bordertown: The Mural Murders
    6.5 2021 1 hr 47 min HD
    When the imprisoned serial killer Lasse Maasalo's face and a text "Let's make the world a better place" are painted to an underpass with blood, Kari Sorjonen is forced to confront the most difficult case of his career.
    Director:Juuso Syrjä
  • This Game's Called Murder HD This Game's Called Murder
    This Game's Called Murder
    4.3 2021 1 hr 45 min HD
    A modern, dark-humored tale of greed, romance, and lost innocence in consumer-crazed, alienated society that functions as a harsh critique of society today without taking itself too seriously.
    Director:Adam Sherman
  • Life of Crime 1984-2020 HD Life of Crime 1984-2020
    Life of Crime 1984-2020
    8.2 2021 2 hr 0 min HD
    A relentless ride through the streets and prisons of Newark, New Jersey's largest city, and desperate fight to survive the deadliest enemy ever to attack America.
    Director:Jon Alpert
  • Blonde. Purple HD Blonde. Purple
    Blonde. Purple
    0 2021 2 hr 9 min HD
    An out-of-his depth inexperienced criminal is stuck in a bank, after a heist went wrong. How will he get out?
    Director:Marcus Flemmings
  • Nash Bridges HD Nash Bridges
    Nash Bridges
    7.6 2021 1 hr 22 min HD
    Nash Bridges continues to run San Francisco's SIU in 2020 while confronting a changing city, a new boss, and a world in which police work focuses on modern data-crunching and predictive policing. Although the world around him has changed, Nash hasn't. —USA Network
    Director:Greg Beeman
  • An Intrusion HD An Intrusion
    An Intrusion
    5 2021 1 hr 39 min HD
    Sam and his family are terrorized by a malicious stalker...but as an investigation mounts, he fears the attacks may be related to secrets he has violently kept from his family and detectives.
    Director:Nicholas Holland
  • Game Changer (Kong Phlik Kem) HD Game Changer (Kong Phlik Kem)
    Game Changer (Kong Phlik Kem)
    5.1 2021 1 hr 41 min HD
    Director:Tiwa Maytaisong
  • Circle of Deception HD Circle of Deception
    Circle of Deception
    5.2 2021 1 hr 27 min HD
    A small, island community is turned upside down when Russel Douglas, a local businessman, is found dead the day after Christmas.
    Director:Ashley Williams
  • The Woman Who Robbed the Stagecoach HD The Woman Who Robbed the Stagecoach
    The Woman Who Robbed the Stagecoach
    5.1 2021 1 hr 25 min HD
    One of 12 Westerns made in 12 months during 2020, this film tells the true story of Pearl Hart, played by Lorraine Etchell, a woman who goes through a series of bad relationships with men, eventually turning to a life of crime with a European drifter named Joe Boot (Travis Mills). Together they decide to rob a stagecoach, leading Pearl to be one of the most famous female outlaws of all time. —TM
    Director:Travis Mills