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  • High on the Hog HD High on the Hog
    High on the Hog
    5.8 2019 85 min HD
    With a potent strain of pot sweeping the City, DTA agents attempt to infiltrate a small town farming operation that has a strong leader and interesting family members.
    Country:United States
    Director:Tony Wash
  • Backdraft 2 HD Backdraft 2
    Backdraft 2
    0 2019 na min HD
    The sequel to the 1991 hit, follows an investigator with the Chicago F.D., who has to track down an arms dealers who use deadly fires as a distraction.
    Country:United States
    Director:Gonzalo López-Gallego
  • Monsieur Hire HD Monsieur Hire
    Monsieur Hire
    7.7 1989 81 min HD
    A recluse is accused of murdering a young woman simply because his neighbors think he is strange.
    Director:Patrice Leconte
  • Once Upon a Time in London HD Once Upon a Time in London
    Once Upon a Time in London
    9.4 2019 111 min HD
    Dramatising the violent reign of two of London's most notorious gangsters, Billy Hill (Leo Gregory) and Jack 'Spot' Comer (Terry Stone), ONCE UPON A TIME IN LONDON charts the legendary rise and fall of a nationwide criminal empire that lasted until t...
    Country:United Kingdom
    Director:Simon Rumley
  • Night Moves HD Night Moves
    Night Moves
    7.1 1975 100 min HD
    In Los Angeles, the private detective and former athlete Harry Moseby is hired by the retired obscure Hollywood actress Arlene Iverson to find her 16-year-old missing daughter Delly Grastner. Harry discovers that the runaway girl has a promiscuous li...
    Country:United States
    Director:Arthur Penn
  • Hidden Man HD Hidden Man
    Hidden Man
    6.4 2018 137 min HD
    A young swordsman in 1930's China returns home to try and solve a five-year-old murder case. Described as the third installment of the gangster trilogy that includes Let The Bullets Fly and Gone With The Bullets.
    Director:Wen Jiang
  • Lost & Turnt Out HD Lost & Turnt Out
    Lost & Turnt Out
    5.8 2017 75 min HD
    A young lady, in pursuit of more money, moves from Miami to Atlanta and gets involved with the nightlife.
    Country:United States
    Director:Rashyn Washington
  • Bordertown HD Bordertown
    6.1 2007 112 min HD
    A journalist investigates a series of murders near American-owned factories on the border of Juarez and El Paso.
    Country:United States
    Director:Gregory Nava
  • Dormant HD Dormant
    7.8 2019 96 min HD
    Detective Jordan Long is drawn in by government secrets as he investigates murders tied to late CIA Agent, Nigel Goodman.
    Country:United States
    Director:Julian Jay Burton
  • Crypto HD Crypto
    0 2019 105 min HD
    A young agent is tasked with investigating a tangled web of corruption and fraud in New York.
    Country:United States
    Director:John Stalberg Jr.
  • Killer's Kiss HD Killer's Kiss
    Killer's Kiss
    6.7 1955 67 min HD
    Prize-fighter Davy Gordon intervenes when private dancer Gloria Price is being attacked by her employer and lover Vincent Raphello. This brings the two together and they get involved with each other, which displeases Raphello. He sends men out to kil...
    Country:United States
    Director:Stanley Kubrick
  • Ruben Brandt, Collector HD Ruben Brandt, Collector
    Ruben Brandt, Collector
    7.8 2018 96 min HD
    A psychotherapist suffers violent nightmares inspired by legendary works of art. Four of his patients, expert thieves, offer to steal the works, since he believes that once he owns them, the nightmares will disappear. He becomes a wanted criminal kno...
    Director:Milorad Krstic
  • Savage Youth HD Savage Youth
    Savage Youth
    6.9 2018 100 min HD
    Six young lives collide in the most horrific and twisted of ways. Based on true events.
    Country:United States
    Director:Michael Curtis Johnson
  • Miami Connection HD Miami Connection
    Miami Connection
    5.8 1988 83 min HD
    A martial arts rock band goes up against a band of motorcycle ninjas who have tightened their grip on Florida's narcotics trade.
    Country:United States
    Director:Woo-sang Park,Y.K. Kim
  • Bonnie and Clyde HD Bonnie and Clyde
    Bonnie and Clyde
    7.9 1967 111 min HD
    1934. Young adults Bonnie Parker, a waitress, and Clyde Barrow, a criminal just released from prison, are immediately attracted to what the other represents for their life when they meet by chance in West Dallas, Texas. Bonnie is fascinated with Clyd...
    Country:United States
    Director:Arthur Penn
  • Chicago HD Chicago
    7.2 2003 113 min HD
    1920s Chicago. Housewife Roxie Hart dreams of fame, most specifically being a star in vaudeville, and plans on sleeping her way to the top... with someone other than her husband, the overly trusting and loyal Amos Hart. When Roxie learns that Fred Ca...
    Country:United States,Canada,West Germany
    Director:Rob Marshall
  • The Crow: Salvation HD The Crow: Salvation
    The Crow: Salvation
    5 2000 102 min HD
    18-year-old Alex Corvis is framed for the murder of his girlfriend Lauren Randall, who was stabbed 53 times. Lauren was 18 years old. Three years after the stabbing, 21-year-old Alex is executed in the electric chair for it. Soon after the execution,...
    Country:United States,West Germany
    Director:Bharat Nalluri
  • November Criminals HD November Criminals
    November Criminals
    5.2 2017 85 min HD
    18-year-old Addison Schacht, a Jewish high-school senior in Washington D.C., responds to the essay question, What are your best and worst qualities?. He explains he has only bad qualities, as illustrated by the events of his senior year. They inclu...
    Country:United States
    Director:Sacha Gervasi
  • Angel HD Angel
    5.6 1984 94 min HD
    15 year-old Molly is the best in her class in high school. Nobody suspects that the model pupil earns her money at night: as prostitute Angel on Sunset Blvd. The well-organized separation of her two lives is shattered when two of her friends are sl...
    Country:United States
    Director:Robert Vincent O'Neill
  • Death Note: Light Up the New World HD Death Note: Light Up the New World
    Death Note: Light Up the New World
    5.8 2016 135 min HD
    10 years has passed since the confrontation between Kira and L. Again, Shinigami sends death notes to the ground and due to this, the world soon falls into chaos. Tsukuru (Masahiro Higashide) is a member of the Death Note special task force team with...
    Director:Shinsuke Sato
  • The Rover HD The Rover
    The Rover
    6.4 2014 103 min HD
    10 years after a global economic collapse, a hardened loner pursues the men who stole his only possession, his car. Along the way, he captures one of the thieves' brother, and the duo form an uneasy bond during the dangerous journey.
    Country:United Sta
    Director:David Michôd
  • Outlaws HD Outlaws
    6.5 2019 92 min HD
    1% is set within the primal underworld of outlaw motorcycle club gangs. It follows the heir to the throne of a motorcycle club who has to betray his president to save his brother's life.
    Director:Stephen McCallum
  • Blue Ridge HD Blue Ridge
    Blue Ridge
    0 2020 87 min HD
    .A murder in a sleepy town at the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains shocks the community and refuels a longtime feud between two families.
    Director:Brent Christy
  • Pitbull. Niebezpieczne kobiety HD Pitbull. Niebezpieczne kobiety
    Pitbull. Niebezpieczne kobiety
    5.8 2016 135 min HD
    &#39Pitbull: Tough Women&#39 sees two police departments in Warsaw forced to work together against the most powerful criminal organisation in Poland. The members of the Mokotowska group are responsible for a string of kidnappings and murders throughout Pol...
    Director:Patryk Vega
  • Valley of Bones HD Valley of Bones
    Valley of Bones
    4.3 2017 90 min HD
    Valley of Bones is a nail-biting adventure thriller set in the oil-rich Badlands of western North Dakota. Anna, a single mother and paleontologist, and McCoy, a meth-addicted oil worker, form an unlikely bond as they both struggle to make amends fo...
    Country:United Sta
    Director:Dan Glaser
  • The Craigslist Killer HD The Craigslist Killer
    The Craigslist Killer
    5.3 2011 87 min HD
    The Craigslist Killer follows the dark, mysterious life Philip Markoff (Jake McDorman) conducted online while preparing for a promising future as a doctor and a life of happiness with his fiance, Megan McAllister (Agnes Bruckner). Seemingly destin...
    Country:United Sta
    Director:Stephen Kay
  • Hollow Creek HD Hollow Creek
    Hollow Creek
    4.2 2016 116 min HD
    Seeking inspiration for his latest horror novel Blake Blackman, a writer from New York, retreats to a remote cabin in the Appalachian Mountains. He is secretly accompanied by his lover Angelica Santoro a book illustrator who he's been having an affa...
    Country:United Sta
    Director:Guisela Moro
  • The Void Evidence HD The Void Evidence
    The Void Evidence
    5.4 2019 83 min HD
    Reverse murder began with the criminal police team receiving an anonymous murder live broadcast email. From the perspective of the different characters of the criminal police team, the puzzle was slowly pushed forward, and a murder many years ago was re-presented in front of everyone in the form of revenge. In addition to the mysterious and compact plot of the story, the friction between the criminals and the police, the truth of the confusing, but also reveals the ingenious connection between t