Most Recent Mystery Videos

  • Scooby-Doo! The Sword and the Scoob HD Scooby-Doo! The Sword and the Scoob
    Scooby-Doo! The Sword and the Scoob
    0 2021 72 min HD
    While there, Shaggy unwittingly pulls out Excalibur from a nearby stone to cut a block of cheese and now no one is sure who the rightful ruler is. The legendary wizard, Merlin, appears and explains that the throne of Camelot must be determined through TRIAL BY COMBAT. Our heroes pull out all the stops to try and win the tournament, break the witch's hold on King Arthur, and find a way back to the present in this legendary story of Scooby Doo in King Arthur's Court.
    Director:Maxwell Atoms / Christina Sotta / Melchior Zwyer
  • The Pond HD The Pond
    The Pond
    0 2021 100 min HD
    Anthropology professor was kicked out from his university for claiming to be on the threshold of an apocalyptic discovery. Someone or something is still interested in his work.
    Director:Petar Pasic
  • Hunter's Creed HD Hunter's Creed
    Hunter's Creed
    9.4 2020 83 min HD
    After losing his wife to cancer, Dave Bryant also lost his faith in God. In an effort to lift his spirits, Dave's old church buddies convince him to participate in the hunting show they've always wanted to make together. The group heads to a remote cabin and begins documenting their experiences. Before long, Dave senses a dark presence in the woods he's convinced is stalking him. But the other guys have no idea what he's talking about, and Dave begins to wonder if it's all in his head. The prese
    Director:Justin Jackola
  • Ratu Ilmu Hitam HD Ratu Ilmu Hitam
    Ratu Ilmu Hitam
    6.8 2019 99 min HD
    Hanif (Ario Bayu) took his wife Nadya (Hannah Al Rashid) and their three children to the orphanage where Hanif had been raised. The caretaker of the orphanage, Mr. Bandi (Yayu A.W. Unru), was very old and seriously ill, Hanif came to visit after years of not meeting. Two of Hanif's best friends while living at the orphanage, Anton (Tanta Ginting) and Jefri (Miller Khan), also came with their wives. That night they all arrived at the orphanage located outside the city and far from the settlement.
    Country:Other / Multiple
    Director:Kimo Stamboel
  • Blue Ridge HD Blue Ridge
    Blue Ridge
    0 2020 n/A HD
    A murder in a sleepy town at the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains shocks the community and refuels a longtime feud between two families.
    Director:Brent Christy
  • Saint Maud HD Saint Maud
    Saint Maud
    7.1 2019 84 min HD
    There, but for the grace of God, goes Maud, a reclusive young nurse whose impressionable demeanor causes her to pursue a pious path of Christian devotion after an obscure trauma. Now charged with the hospice care of Amanda, a retired dancer ravaged by cancer, Maud's fervent faith quickly inspires an obsessive conviction that she must save her ward's soul from eternal damnation - whatever the cost. Making her feature film debut, writer-director Rose Glass cannily lures the audience into this dist
    Director:Rose Glass
  • Happy Hell Night HD Happy Hell Night
    Happy Hell Night
    5 1992 87 min HD
    25 years ago at Winfield College, psycho-priest Zachary Malius murdered seven frat boys and was put away in the local asylum. Now, however, the same fraternity stages a prank from which Malius is inadvertently set free and returns to the house to rep...
    Country:United States,Canada
    Director:Brian Owens
  • Ace Attorney HD Ace Attorney
    Ace Attorney
    6.6 2012 135 min HD
    This movie is based on the second and fourth cases in the popular video game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The plot follows Phoenix Wright, a novice lawyer, who faces off against expert prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, who had a perfect win record. He def...
    Director:Takashi Miike
  • The Curse of La Llorona HD The Curse of La Llorona
    The Curse of La Llorona
    5.8 2019 93 min HD
    Ignoring the eerie warning of a troubled mother suspected of child endangerment, a social worker and her own small kids are soon drawn into a frightening supernatural realm.
    Country:United States
    Director:Michael Chaves
  • The Black Water Vampire HD The Black Water Vampire
    The Black Water Vampire
    4.3 2014 82 min HD
    A documentary film crew investigates a series of brutal killings known as the Black Water murders. As they delve deeper into the story they stumble upon a horrifying secret, one that they may not survive.
    Country:United States
    Director:Evan Tramel
  • Excursion HD Excursion
    0 2018 85 min HD
    A mystery thriller about a 1980's devoted Czechoslovakian communist party member visiting his future self in London (UK), to make sure Socialism still prospers.
    Country:United Kingdom
    Director:Martin Grof
  • Night Moves HD Night Moves
    Night Moves
    7.1 1975 100 min HD
    In Los Angeles, the private detective and former athlete Harry Moseby is hired by the retired obscure Hollywood actress Arlene Iverson to find her 16-year-old missing daughter Delly Grastner. Harry discovers that the runaway girl has a promiscuous li...
    Country:United States
    Director:Arthur Penn
  • The Three Faces of Eve HD The Three Faces of Eve
    The Three Faces of Eve
    7.2 1957 91 min HD
    A doctor treats a woman suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder.
    Country:United States
    Director:Nunnally Johnson
  • High Life HD High Life
    High Life
    6.7 2018 113 min HD
    Deep space outside the solar system. Monte and his daughter Willow live together aboard a spacecraft, in complete isolation. A man whose strict self-discipline is a shield against desire, Monte fathered her against his will. His sperm was used to ins...
    Country:United States,United Kingdom,France,West Germany,P
    Director:Claire Denis
  • Bordertown HD Bordertown
    6.1 2007 112 min HD
    A journalist investigates a series of murders near American-owned factories on the border of Juarez and El Paso.
    Country:United States
    Director:Gregory Nava
  • The Professor and the Madman HD The Professor and the Madman
    The Professor and the Madman
    7.6 2019 124 min HD
    Professor James Murray begins work compiling words for the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary in the mid 19th century, and receives over 10,000 entries from a patient at Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum, Dr. William Minor.
    Director:Farhad Safinia
  • Steel Country HD Steel Country
    Steel Country
    7.9 2019 89 min HD
    When a young boy goes missing in a sleepy backwoods town, a local sanitation truck driver, Donald, plays detective, embarking on a precarious and obsessive investigation.
    Country:United Kingdom
    Director:Simon Fellows
  • Dormant HD Dormant
    7.8 2019 96 min HD
    Detective Jordan Long is drawn in by government secrets as he investigates murders tied to late CIA Agent, Nigel Goodman.
    Country:United States
    Director:Julian Jay Burton
  • Long Lost HD Long Lost
    Long Lost
    8.4 2019 94 min HD
    Long Lost stars Adam Weppler (The Cobblestone Corridor) as Seth, a young man invited to spend a weekend at the Connecticut mansion of his long lost millionaire half-brother Richard (Nicholas Tucci, You're Next). With the help of his enigmatic live-in...
    Country:United States
    Director:Erik Bloomquist
  • Hallam Foe HD Hallam Foe
    Hallam Foe
    7 2007 95 min HD
    The seventeen year-old Hallam Foe is a weird teenager that misses his mother, who committed suicide by drowning in a lake near their house in Edinburgh after an overdose of sleeping pills. Hallam spends his spare time peeping at the locals and blames...
    Country:United Kingdom
    Director:David Mackenzie
  • The Spy Who Fell to Earth HD The Spy Who Fell to Earth
    The Spy Who Fell to Earth
    7.4 2019 na min HD
    Ambitious historian unmasks the worlds greatest spy, setting in motion the events leading to his mysterious death.
    Country:United Kingdom
    Director:Tom Meadmore
  • The Crow: Salvation HD The Crow: Salvation
    The Crow: Salvation
    5 2000 102 min HD
    18-year-old Alex Corvis is framed for the murder of his girlfriend Lauren Randall, who was stabbed 53 times. Lauren was 18 years old. Three years after the stabbing, 21-year-old Alex is executed in the electric chair for it. Soon after the execution,...
    Country:United States,West Germany
    Director:Bharat Nalluri
  • Annabelle: Creation HD Annabelle: Creation
    Annabelle: Creation
    6.6 2017 109 min HD
    12 years after the tragic death of their little girl, a dollmaker and his wife welcome a nun and several girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home, where they soon become the target of the dollmaker's possessed creation, Annabelle.
    Country:United States
    Director:David F. Sandberg
  • Evolution HD Evolution
    6 2015 81 min HD
    11-year-old Nicolas lives with his mother in a seaside housing estate. The only place that ever sees any activity is the hospital. It is there that all the boys from the village are forced to undergo strange medical trials that attempt to disrupt the phases of evolution.
  • Sphere HD Sphere
    6.1 1998 134 min HD
    1000 feet below the ocean, navy divers discover an object half-a-mile long. A crack team of scientists are deployed to the site in Deepsea Habitats. What they find boggles the mind as they discover a perfect metal sphere. What is the secret behind th...
    Country:United States
    Director:Barry Levinson
  • A Child's Voice HD A Child's Voice
    A Child's Voice
    7.9 2018 82 min HD
    (Supernatural Thriller) A homeless teen answers the voice of a child calling out for help and is sent on a journey to find a human trafficking network run by the child's killer.
    Country:United Sta
    Director:Edgar Michael Bravo
  • What the #$*! Do We HD What the #$*! Do We
    What the #$*! Do We
    5.3 2004 109 min HD
    WHAT THE #$*! DO WE KNOW?! is a radical departure from convention. It demands a freedom of view and greatness of thought so far unknown, indeed, not even dreamed of since Copernicus. It's a documentary. It's a story. It's mind-blowing special effec...
    Country:United Sta
  • The Curse of Sleeping Beauty HD The Curse of Sleeping Beauty
    The Curse of Sleeping Beauty
    4.3 2016 89 min HD
    The Curse of Sleeping Beauty is an entirely new, dark vision of the classic Brothers Grimm adventure. Thomas Kaiser inherits an ancestral mansion that has been in his family for generations, only to learn that he has also inherited an ancient curse...
    Country:United Sta
    Director:Pearry Reginald Teo