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HDRipBreaking All the Rules

Breaking All the Rules (1985)


Re-Animator (1985)

HDRipSUBMorons from Outer Space

Morons from Outer Space (1985)

SDSUBHabemus Papam

Habemus Papam (2011)

HDSUBMy Science Project

My Science Project (1985)

HDRipSUBThe Heavenly Kid

The Heavenly Kid (1985)

HDRipSUBNeuilly sa mère, sa mère!

Neuilly sa mère, sa mère! (2018)

HDSUBWeird Science

Weird Science (1985)

HDSUBCedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids (2011)

HDSUBThe Goonies

The Goonies (1985)

Eps5Are You Being Served? 2

Are You Being Served? 2 (1974)


Explorers (1985)


Clue (1985)

HDSUBNational Lampoon's European Vacation

National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985)

HDSUBThe Return of the Living Dead

The Return of the Living Dead (1985)

HDRipSUBOnce Bitten

Once Bitten (1985)

HDRipSUBThe Sure Thing

The Sure Thing (1985)

HD35 and Ticking

35 and Ticking (2011)

SDTransylvania 6-5000

Transylvania 6-5000 (1985)


Dog Days (2018)

HDSUBJust One of the Guys

Just One of the Guys (1985)

HDRipSUBLa source des femmes

La source des femmes (2011)

HDSUBStranger Than Paradise

Stranger Than Paradise (1984)

SDSUBBucky Larson: Born to Be a Star

Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star (2011)


Hardbodies (1984)

HDSUBPolice Academy 2: Their First Assignment

Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment (1985)

HDSUBBack To The Future

Back To The Future (1985)

HDSUBBack To The Future Part III

Back To The Future Part III (1990)

HDWhere Do We Go Now?

Where Do We Go Now? (2011)

HDSUBThe Last Dragon

The Last Dragon (1985)

SDCheech And Chong: After Hours

Cheech And Chong: After Hours (1985)